Big Fernand

Restauration rapide haut de gamme
39 Thurloe Place South Kensington London, SW7 2HP, Angleterre

« Big Fernand was given life in the middle of a small Parisian street, in a neighbourhood restaurant embalmed by the smell of herbs and fresh bread. Here, a band of moustachus worked the rhythm of the sizzling boeuf to revisit a dish known to all: the hamburger. Their hamburgers seduced even the biggest sceptics and offered a second romance to lovers of the burger. Now, against the wishes of the government (oh la la), we are bringing our flavours to London and starting a resistance to conformité — vive la difference!

Big Fernand is le hamburgé with a je ne sais quoi, with qualité at every layer. We believe in the marriage of special ingredients brought to life by multiple love affairs of different flavours – to suit your mood. Everything we do is made fresh and with the passion we bring from Paris every jour! »

Type de cuisine:
  • Française
Téléphone: +44 (0)20 3031 8330

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